The True Beginning

Earning Trust

Investigating the Lighthouse

Brock lets the fighters of the arena know that this year, just as in the past, he will be able to appoint one fighter to compete at the Festival of Peace for Uldurag. He hasn’t decided on anyone yet, so he’s come up with the idea of a friendly competition to decide. Each group is sent on a separate mission and the first to return successful will have someone entered.

The party’s mission is to go to a lighthouse and investigate the a possible cause of the missing fighters. The party manages to clear all the goblins from the lighthouse and collect ears as proof of their victory. They also find the remains of Ethilis and a few other unknowns in cages who appeared to be eaten by the goblins.

The group hastily returns to the city without any rest to beat the other group back. They manage to arrive a few hours ahead of the other group ensuring someone in the party is entered in the tournament for the festival.



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