The True Beginning


The Festival Approaches

Brock rewards the group with gifts and awards Golan the position in the tournament. He is then given a letter to give to Prince Jerrick who will pass it on to the King. Brock also mentions that he’s seen a robed man following him from a distance and it might be who Fane is looking for. The group then sets out to Uldurag to meet the prince.

When the group gets to Uldurag they see a group of guards chasing someone. The man they are chasing stops easily disposes of the guards from the top of a large stone wall. The party approaches a guard who isn’t helping the others to find out that this man is the Prince and he’s just training with the guards.

Golan then approaches him with the letter to pass to the king which the prince opens ignoring the fact it wasn’t for him. After reading it he is very pleased that he’s one of the fighters that will be participating in the festival with him and challenges Golan. Golan doesn’t put up a fight against the powerful prince.

Golan spends some time here training with the other fighters and learning about the festival. He is given an Ironskin Belt with the Uldurag Insignia on it and a tabard of the city colors along with all the other fighters. He is to march to the arena as a group with the prince. He’s also warned that if he loses he will be exiled from the city and must return the belt. This goes for all of the fighters.

During all of this Fane and Summer are investigating a possible murder plot on Brock. They find a possible lead with a black robed man, Keff, taking bets on the upcoming fights in the festival. Fane also places a bet on Golan.

Later, a group of men try to catch Summer, but Fane and Summer both manage to fend them off. Fane tracks them back to a room in the arena where he threatens their lives if they ever try to catch her again.

Finally, Fane is approached by a man named Jim who would like to introduce him to a man named Jesus. He doesn’t say what it’s about, but tells him he’ll meet him the day after the festival.



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